1-day cruise by Lena River to 7 marvels of the Lena river by speedy ship Voskhod

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Not far from Yakutsk there are untouched by the course of time places. One day tour by the Lena river (150 km from Yakutsk to Lena Pillars) on board the ship shows the incredibly wonderful nature of this territory. You will visit:

  • Bison (mammoth descendants) farm. 
  • Toyon Ary island – the biggest island in the river.
  • Ancient people site.
  • Ancient petroglyphs not far from Elanka settlement.
  • Tukulan – sand deserts on the Lena river banks
  • The 18th century coachmen and stockyard inn.
  • Lena Pillars (the UNESCO object)


You will be pleased with the quietness, silence and solitude of the passing-by places.