Shopping in Yakutsk

Souvenir shopping. It is without doubt that you will find a memorable souvenir within a great number. Traditional souvenirs are presented by yakut handcrafted objects made of birch bark, leather, bone, gold and silver, fur goods, traditional style paintings, also trophies as antlers, camus, mammoth tusk, horse tail and others.


Jewelry shops are found at every turn in Yakutsk. And it is no surprise, because Yakutia accounts 20% of global diamond production.


Fur is natural and widely used material in Yakutia due to severe weather conditions. Even if you do not intend to buy any fur clothing, it is still a curiosity trip. Enjoy the verity and design of fur goods.


Fish is called “alive silver” in Yakutia, caught in crystal clear waters of Northern Yakutia. It worth tasting! Here are some types of fish: malma, eel-pot, grayling, nelma (white salmon), omul, chir, taimen, pike, sig.