Yakutsk Museums

Yakutsk is the science and educational center of Yakutia. There are 31 higher education and 24 research institutions in Yakutsk. The following museums and expositions are recommended to visit: 


Natural History museum contains more than 140 thousands items telling about the history, ethnography and nature of Yakutia. 


Mammoth museum is the famous scientific and cultural center studying the mammoth habitat and environment during the Ice Age. 


Yakutia Treasury features thousands of valuable items presenting the abundance of mineral recourses in the Republic among which are diamonds, precious metals and stones. The highlight of the collection are priceless jewelry pieces of art made by the famous yakut jewelers. 


Permafrost Kigndom has become  extremely popular among tourists in Yakutia. All the year around the temperature inside is -4C despite it is winter (-40C) or summer (+30C) time. Inside the Kingdom which is caved in the Chochur-Myran hill, you will find the Chiiskhan (Yakutian Frost Keeper) residence and throne, paleontological museum, Ice bar, ice sculptures exhibition. Each guest of the Permafrost Kingdom get an individual Certificate in the end of the journey.


Arts museum owe the richest collection of pieces of art in the Far East. Annually the museum hosts from 40 to 50 art exhibitions.


Homus museum collection is comprised of over 400 different vargan instruments from all over the world. It is allowed to make records of vargan (the most mysterious and entrancing instrument) music in the museum.


Archy House - Yakutian Spirituality House. It is a sacred for Sakha people place, where different  national rites are held which are devoted to different important events and dates. One can visit Archy House to know about national rites and see fire taming ritual.