Ecological Excursions (in Khabarovsk)

Travelers who are in love with nature and would like to change offices and megalopolises for picturesque landscapes and let their eyes and bodies rest and relax, there is a list of excursions for your choice: 

1. Amur River Cruises

The panoramic view of Khabarovsk from the promenade deck of the pleasure boat or yacht will capture your sight! Get comfortable on board and enjoy the fascinating stories and legends about the mighty Amur River and its inhabitants. Spectacular viewing opportunities and excellent mood are guaranteed! Pairs or small groups of 4-5 persons can enjoy yacht sailing with stops for picnic right on the bank of the river!

2. Khekhtsir Nature Reserve visit for hiking (ecological path) and getting acquainted with unique Far Eastern flora; the tour is terminated at the point where Russia-China border is easily seen.

3. Zoo in the open-air with more than 30 types of species of Far Eastern fauna (including tigers, bears etc); 

4. Visit to Dacha gives you a deal of unforgettable impressions for it is a specifically Russian culture to keep out-side gardens and orchards. You will know about how to grow vegetables, fruits and berries and taste dishes cooked from grown here products.

5. Visit to Outside Lodge (1-3 hours from Khabarovsk) for rest in the nature with fishing from the bank or boat in summer and ice fishing in winter, Russian wooden banya experience, snowmobile riding in winter; picking-up Far-Eastern berries and mushrooms.

6. Farmers Household excursion is for tourists interested in how Russians keep own stock-farm.  It is real rapture to see the care for pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits reared here. Try for lunch homemade milk and meat products, grown right here vegetables and fruits, preserves cooked for mushrooms and berries collected in the nearby forest.

7. Visit to Horse-Yard is the excursion for those who are in love with horses. You will know about different kinds of horses, how they are grown here, ride a circle on horseback or ride in a cart.