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If you have free time in Khabarovsk there is a great number of opportunities for entertaining, thrill and surprise. 

1. Circus is open round-a-year on week-ends.

2. TRIADA Pantomime Theater performances more suit to foreign visitors, because there is no need for translations. The theater is far-fames abroad with its spectacular and wise stagings. Besides, you can visit Musical Comedy theater, Drama theater, Puppet or Children´s theaters if you travel with kids.

3. Enjoy Russian Folk Concert during meal in the restaurant.

4. Symphony Orchestra (which is world-wide known) concerts or other classical concerts in Khabarovsk Philharmonics Concert Hall

5. Karaoke-party at one of local bars or restaurants is a fine evening  pastime!

6. Night club or Discotheque is for guests who do not want to waste time for sleeping!