For sport admirers

For travelers who lead an active lifestyle we offer following activities for spare time:


1. Master-class in shooting at riffle-range or sport club. Hit the target with famous Russian weapon: Kalashnikov rifle, Makarov pistol, submachine gun KEDR; or Italian smoothbore Beretta-682, Bettinsoli.

2. Horseback or horse-carriage riding (or horse-sledge riding in winter time). Visit a modern Horse-fancier Club for splendid time spending with smart and kind horses.

3. Visit in local huge Ice Arena for Hockey match or Ice skating.

4. Jeep-sprint along virgin taiga forest under the supervision of an experienced instructor. You will never forget such a tour! 

5. “Pankration” Tournament visit. It takes place in Khabarovsk annually in the end of May close to the city birthday. The tournament gained population as one of the most prestigious international events among worshippers of free-style wrestling (K1).