Russian Culture and Traditions

Russian culture is unique and Russian hospitality has no competition! Plunge into atmosphere of Russian traditions: 

1. “Bread-and-Salt” Russian greeting complemented with real Bear Show and a small souvenir start a bright opening of Russia.

2. Visit friendly Russian family and share authentic Russian food. 

3. Enjoy master-class in Russian culinary.

4. For admires of Russian folk music is fascinating folk program during Tea Party or simply lunch (dinner). You can even try to play Russian folk instruments!

5. Dacha is originally Russian culture. You will find nowhere except Russia the opportunity to visit outside flourishing and rich of vegetables, fruits and berries gardens.

6. Learn more about Russian Orthodoxy

7. Experience Russian wooden banya.

8. Visit Farmers house to get acquainted with Russian style village life, taste homemade milk and meat products and dishes right from the grown on your eyes garden and orchard products.

9. For vintage admires and lovers of old-styled things we offer unique excursion to «babushka» house with dinner of Russian cuisine, babushka’s master-class in traditional Russian handicrafts: knitting, sewing, embroidery, bread-work, cooking, making food preserves for winter.